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Appreciate God For The Outgoing Month Of September

Picture Credit : Google (For Illustration).

The Almighty God, ancient of days, the I Am that is I Am and the everlasting father is worthy of your praises for all that He had done for you and your family members throughout the the outgoing month of September. God is indeed worthy of your praises because He has been all in all for you and your entire household. Many water have passed through under the bridge, it takes the power and grace of God to see you through, God has done a lot for you, therefore, reciprocate His goodness and mercy over you by giving thanks and praises to the Lord.

The good Lord has spared your life right from day one to the last day of the month of September, 2021, don't be ingrate, give thanks and praises to the Lord. Appreciate God for His divine protection over you and your family members, if not for God, evil circumstances would have befallen you and your family members, therefore, give thanks to God for His protective power.

Mind you, you are not better than those who have one problem or the others in the month of September, it was the grace of God that sustained you throughout the month. The promise of God that says, "No weapons fashion against you shall prosper.." came to fulfillment in your life, no weapon fashioned against you and your family prospered because the Lord is your sure refuge and fortress.

What about your provision? The good Lord has been fulfilling His promises in your life, he provided for your physical and spiritual needs in the month of September, therefore, it is important to give thanks and praises to God.

My esteemed readers, the God Lord has healed you from your sickness, therefore, you need to give thanks to the Lord for His healing power.

May the Lord God accept your thanks and praises, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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