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The Importance And Blessings Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness means to release the contempt of an offender or to stop feeling resentment towards the offender. As a child of God, always pray for God's heart. The heart of God is a forgiving heart. The scriptures say that if you forgive, God automatically forgives you. But if you do not forgive, God will not forgive you. It should be taken seriously so that we don't get ourselves into trouble or bondage. However, prayer is an act of fellowship with Jehovah. In other words, it is a means by which we communicate with Almighty God. Communicating with God is very important, so let us not let anything ruin this gracious moment with Jehovah. This is the reason why we should forgive when we stand and pray. The heart of forgiveness allows the power of God to work in us and flow through us to bless, benefit and profit others. The heart of forgiveness also enhances mutual relations between brothers; It connects you with people from all walks of life so that they can be a blessing to you. A heart that forgives easily becomes favored easily. A forgiving heart opens the door for God to bless you abundantly and makes you an instrument of blessings; It also brings people closer to you. I pray that you live a good life and develop a forgiving heart. Imagine that you do not forgive, and God does not forgive you either. This means that you are going to lose a lot of blessings from God because He is the reward of those who diligently seek Him. Apart from this, not forgiving leads to bad health and also brings many misfortunes. On the other hand, forgiveness will steal your joy and short-circuit God's power from working in your life. It is also the root of many diseases in our life. Let us, choose a lifestyle of forgiveness and see how many blessings you will receive from God.

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