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Jesus: The Great Burden Bearer Cares For You

By meditating on the word of God, one is illuminated and inspired to stays away from worry. Every person is faced with chains of issues every day, some of which are beyond our ability to provide or solve. We sometimes care and disturb our hearts about issues that are beyond us, rather than hand them over to the Lord so that we can be free from them. Sometimes we worry about less important things instead of being grateful to God for the important things He has provided for us. The important thing is that the Most High is omnipotent, knows everything, and is present everywhere. God always sets an example for his children to follow. The story of Job is one such example that shows what a true Christian can endure when suffering because God has allowed it, and not because of any evil or mistake they may have committed. Job recognized that God had a hand in his situation, so he never cursed God, as suggested by his wife. He handed over his burden to God, the burden bearer who was able to see him through. God is aware of every situation you are going through, burden, gambling and every event that comes upon you. He is a God who is able to help you and use every situation to create and train His children to adopt a good plan for them. We should cast all our worries and troubles on Jesus Christ because He cares for us. Christians who are still worrying and carrying their burden do so at their own risk, thinking they can solve their problems on their own. Worrying can also cause health problems. The reason Jesus Christ came into the world was to carry all our burdens, the burden of our sin, and all the problems that came our way. No wonder he said that everyone who is heavily burdened should come to him and find rest. Put your cares on him in prayer. Readily obedience to the Word of God frees us from many troubles. As a child of God, you are expected to have the knowledge of God in you. Once you have the knowledge of God's Word, apply it, and you will have a better life. Ignorance is the reason for many children of God to sink into poverty, disease, despair, failure. Scripture says that we should put our burden on God and He will sustain us. But some Christians are still carrying their burden. This is due to ignorance. Secondly, some people think their problems are too big, and they don't see how God will handle them. Never allow doubt to rob you of what is your right. With God all things are possible; He can take your burden or burdens for you so that you can be free.instead of being thankful to God for life, worry something about food, water, clothes, money, marriage etc. If you start celebrating God for your life and good health then you can pacify all the worry or distress. He is yours, so in prayer put all your burdens or all your troubles on him, and trust that he has already taken care of them for you. Thus, thank him in every situation in which you find yourself, and he will guide you on the right path to enjoy victory and success in all endeavors. Then go forth and celebrate in His praise continually, and you will experience His great provision. As you learn to show greater appreciation for Him, your anxiety will disappear, giving way to God's provision.

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