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Why Some Ladies Gets Old Without Marriage

Marriage is a legal union between a man and woman as husband and wife.It is when both the man and the woman leave their parents to become one according to both Christians and Muslims teachings.A woman leaves her parents and family to join the family of her husband,and that family of her husband becomes her family when married.

Marriage is a sweet thing created by God for living being to enjoy so long as they lives here on earth.Marriage apart from companionship,produces children who takes over our place after we leave this very world.Marriage as many said,is as a result of the love between the two " the bride and the groom"

Most people believed that ideally a woman supposed to marry at the age of as from 18 to 26 years.But this varies according to our religious and cultural practices.Like in the northern part of Nigeria,we experience early marriage than our middlebelt and southern counterpart.

The religious,cultural beliefs has changed in this days generation due to so many factors.This factors are caused by our attitudes and lifestyle which turns to hinders us from enjoying our marriages from the specified range one supposed to get married,most especially our ladies.

Below are some of the factors that hinders ladies and guys from youthful marriage

Most ladies thinks that,there's enough time let them flirt before they gets married,but this turns to affect them negatively as age doesn't wait for no one.

Some ladies due to their character towards their male counterpart,as they downplay them because they are looking for riches and material things.

Most ladies wants ready made.Their mind is on ready made guys who have suffered and arrived so that they can start enjoying.

what do we need to do?

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