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2 ways of provoking the divine financial blessings from God.

No man on earth was ever made to be poor because God made provisions for man's riches right from the beginning of time. This was evidently seen in some portions of the Bible where God gave man power to dominate everything as the earth belongs to God.

God made everyone but never desired for anyone to lack in financial aspects. His wish, is for everyone to be in good health, prosperous and successful.

However, God has laid down principles that are great route which leads to the accumulation of divine blessings from God. The truth about these principles is that they apply to everyone. These principles are neither reserved for a specific group of people nor are they restricted from a set of individuals, but they augur well for anyone who keeps and abides in them. Hence they exhibit fruitful results for all mankind that accepts, believe and participate in them.

These 2 principles are listed as follows:

1. Tithing: this act has been abolished and disvalued by most people as they have enveloped an evil mindset that their tithes are be consumed by pastors and as such, they result to sharing the one-third of their profits(tithe) to beggars on the street. It is no doubt a lovely idea but not biblical. Because in their mind, they feel that they are paying their tithes with such act but they are being foolishy diabolic because that is being generous and not paying of tithe. God rewards anyone who is faithful in his or her tithes.

2. Sacrificial offering: many people have been financially blessed by God, not because they are prayerful but for the fact that they possess a sacrificial lifestyle. Anyone who possesses a sacrificial lifestyle has prayer warriors scattered around that blesses him/her on daily basis. Hence such continuous occurrence can provoke and attracts God's immeasurable blessings to one.

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