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102m Nigerians Live In Abject Poverty, Stop Taking 10% Of Your Money To Pastors – UK-Based Doctor

A United Kingdom based medical Doctor and a preacher, who is a voice against religious abuse. Dr. Idee Charles shares her thoughts on the present state of Nigeria.

According to the medical Doctor, who is also an advocate for women took to her verified Facebook page to give insights on her findings at this time where COVID-19 is raging and impacting on economies.

My thoughts this morning.. 

Nigeria has a population of about 205,323,504(205 million). Out of this number, 50% live in extreme poverty 102,125,917 (102 million). Ratio of Male to female living in extreme poverty 50:50. This is Nigeria and by the end of this pandemic - this numbers may get worse. 

There is hunger in the land. There is real suffering. People have challenges Your prayers for all these years, your fasting, your tears are misplaced. Do you know why? God has given you all it takes to survive on earth. God has placed everything in you before you were born. What you have done is refuse to activate your God given you.  

What can be done going forward. How do I get out of extreme poverty, how can I position myself to start progressing. Start acting. 

What can I do: 

1. Stop taking 10% of your money to a man called man of god. it is a wrong investment. Tithe is a wrong investment. It is scam. That 10% Monthly can do a lot for you and your family. You are NOT giving money to God but to another man to feed his family. That is why you are getting more into abject poverty.  

2. Keep your money. that 10% tithe, that seed, that special offerings . Use it and invest, invest, invest. You can join a credible contribution and save your money. 

3. Think, open your mind and be creative. What can you do to provide services, goods and in return make income?

4. Stop running up and down church programmes and deliverance services. It is only you that can deliver yourself from poverty and sorrow. It involves hard work and more Hard-work. 

5. Plan, set goals, focus, strategise, educate yourself.

6. Stop limiting yourself, stop pressing down that dream, that vision no matter how scary it seems. Start acting on them and stop sharing them with business men in suit called my daddy in the lord, my mummy in the lord, my prophets. They will never want you to be better than them - trust me 

7. Most importantly, know God for yourself, when the Holy Spirit comes he will teach you all things. 

8. Help as many people as you can in your walk in life. Love God, love humanity. Stop seeing everyone as witches and wizards. Free your mind.

This is just a little advice that will help you kick start a change around you. There is a special gift in you 

Every human being has a gift, look inwards, be still and discover yourself. Remember you were created in the image of God and that is huge. Don’t waste it.  

Think about this.

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