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5 Steps To Attaining Greatness In Life

Everyone aspires to be great in life. It is not enough to strive to be great; your aspiration must be translated into action. Greatness is not confirmed on anyone, neither does it come by chance; it must be attained through conscious and persistent effort. You must develop an unquenchable passion for greatness.

The Bible says in Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." Christ didn't walk this earth as mediocre, and as his followers, you can't afford to be mediocre. You must attain greatness because the world is waiting for you. And you can attain greatness through Christ. The following, among others, are steps to attaining greatness in life:


You must desire greatness intensely. Also, let your thoughts center on greatness. There is a saying that every life's battle is won or lost in the mind. The Bible says in Proverbs 23:13, "for as a man thinks in his heart so is he." You must liberate yourself from thoughts that will not move you forward, thoughts of poverty, failure, sickness, pain, and unlock. Don't be limited in your mind. Whatever becomes real in your mind, God will make it real in your life. So fill your mind with thoughts of greatness and the thoughts will become a reality in your life.


You must believe that you can get what you want. You must not be timid or afraid. Venture into everything you do with confidence, first in God's ability to help you, and also in yourself.


You must be determined to be great. Don't relent or allow anything to hold you down. Don't give up, but persevere and hold onto your dreams until you succeed. Thomas Edison failed close to 1,000 times before he succeeded in inventing electricity. When he was asked why he didn't quit, his reply was simply "I had no option but to succeed."


Greatness cannot be achieved without discipline. You must be able to focus your mind on your goal despite distractions and discouragements. Don't allow immediate pleasure and self-gratification to hinder you. When you are disciplined you will be able to gain long-term satisfaction.


This means you must give constant careful study efforts towards your desired goal until it is accomplished. After makings plans, you must be consistent with your plans. Your plans won't be brought to fruition without your effort. You must be a go-getter who will never stop or quit until he has attained his goal proverbs 12:24.

I conclude with the wise words of a writer, "the world makes way for the man who knows where he is going." Challenge the status quo today. Get out of your comfort zone, and do things differently. Stretch your abilities as you pursue your plans and goals in life and you will attend greatness in Jesus' name.

Say amen if you believe.

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