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"I Don't Go To Church, I Only Believe In God, Respects Nature, Prays And He Answers Me", –Lady

A young beautiful lady who is identified on Facebook as Kejo Gold has disclosed that she doesn't go to church, but only believes in God, respects nature, prays and He answers her. She posted this a few hours ago in response to a question asked by a member of the popular Facebook group called Rant Extension. A group member who is identified as Nathaniel had taken to his Facebook account to ask a question about member's opinion on a person who doesn't go to church a whole year, except on cross over nights which usually takes place on December 31st. After he asked the question, different people gave their responses and opinions. Even as this was so, a young beautiful lady identified as Gold alleged that she doesn't go to church at all, but believes in God, respects nature, prays to Him and He answers her. This response left many people in surprise. As I am writing this article, different thoughts are running through my mind; Can someone who stays away from church still has connection with the spiritual realms? Do going to churches make people holy? Is attending church a sure way to heaven? What is the connection between religion and living a good life? Does staying away from church makes someone a devil? Even as I pontificated on these, I was astonished at the responses I heard from other group members. That was when it occurred to me that there is more in Christianity than going to church.

This beautiful lady alleged that the true church is in our hearts. Again, that going to church does not make someone holy, she may be right or wrong. As a Christian, do you think going to church is necessary? On the other hand, are you of the views that those who go to church are the true sons and daughters of God? Guys, what are your opinions on this?

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