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"These Are The Reasons Why Christians Are Poor" - Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals

The Nigerian Televangelist and the Senior Pastor and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman reveals the reasons why Christians are poor, the negative effects of poverty and also why money is essential to Christianity and the Gospel.

Here is everything Apostle Johnson Suleman said in the video:

"A battle you must conquer if you must enjoy rest is poverty. You must crush poverty. Poverty is antagonist to rest. To enjoy rest you must crush poverty. Poverty is a stigma. Poverty odour is worse than body odour. There is no wisdom in being poor, the only lesson poverty teaches you is humiliation and disrespect. One of the reasons nobody intimidates me is because they know I'm blessed. I don't care who you are, even if you are a governor, I'll ask you if you have money to go back. I've giving governors in this place offerings many times they comes. I said, "Your excellency, take this your envelope is too flat for a governor, take my kind of envelope" and when they are talking amongst themselves, they said "Not every pastors is like Suleman that does not ask." Men are not attracted to those who ask them for something. 

When you see them come at the snap of a finger, they know there is nothing you need from them, not because there are no things to be done, but your sufficiency is of God. This is not arrogance, it is confidence. It is not pride, it is knowledge. Poverty is what makes an elder brother a junior brother. The truth is, nobody has respect for a poor man. God didn't make you poor, it is the choices you made yesterday that brought the poverty of today. The Bible says, the rich and the poor, the Lord made them all, it didn't say the Lord made them so. God made the poor man as a man but he didn't make him poor. It is your decisions or your mistakes or errors that bring poverty on you. These are the reasons why Christians are poor and If you don't have money, nobody will respect you no matter the English you speak. Jesus was ministering in the book of John12v8, he openly said, "The poor you have with you always but me you don't have." In order words, Jesus disconnected himself publicly from poverty. 

He said, once you have poverty, you don't have me. Once you have me you don't have poverty. You can't carry God and lack money. There are people who are living holy but they are living broke. They will not go to hell fire but they're going through earth fire and if you're not careful, earth fire will make you compromise and go to hell fire. The Gospel is expensive. Evangelism is expensive. Christianity is a journey but wealth makes it colorful. In the Church, everything reflect poverty, why? We have a mindset, we don't go for the best. We don't go for quality. Poverty is state of the mind. If your mind is rich your account cannot but be loaded. It's a mental state, you must first change how you think. You can't carry God and lack. There is one idea God can give you and you will become a millionaire in dollars, just one idea. Idea rules the world. The limitation between you and your next level is one idea. 

Here is the link to the video:

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