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Say these powerful prayer points before going to bed


My father I Thank you for the gift of life without you we can't do anything, thank you for the air we breath.

Lord Jesus, I cover this night with your blood, I silent every power of darkness and principality, take control over my life and the life of my family this night.

Every flying arrow of the night shall not locate me, my family and my house, by the power in the name of Jesus.

Lord I pray that you send down your angels this night to guide and protect me and my family this night so that by tomorrow we will praise your holy name with joy.

favor the work we do, the words we state, the affection we share and the beauty we appear, on our day by day stroll through this wonderful and valuable week, please pour out Your blessings upon me, for You are the answer to all things and you alone in Jesus name

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Jesus Lord Jesus


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