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Tonight's Prophetic Declaration

Lay your your right hand on your head and claim these prophetic blessings. 

You and your household are marked out for testimonies. From tonight whatever seeks to disgrace you is hereby destroyed.

You shall be a major carrier of goodness in this years night prayer

You shall become a voice wherever you go; your suggestions shall be regarded as

commandments and you shall become an

authority in your career

Your boat of success shall not sink. Any vehicle that shall not take you to your destination safely shall not start for you; your flight of life shall take off and land safely.

God will give you a new vision. All your

investments will yield great dividends and

whatever destroys others will not destroy you.

The Almighty God will grant you grace for extraordinary compensation. Whatever mark of the enemy upon your life that makes people detests you, I decree that they be erased from your life tonight 

The mercies of God shall be renewed in your life. There shall be springs in your desert. The

Almighty God shall take you higher than your dreams.

Your joy shall overflow; God shall fight for you and you shall enjoy victory without any fight 

The new song you have been praying for shall locate your household. The Almighty God shall put a new dance in your steps

You shall no longer be stranded in life. For every investment, you shall receive profits. The mercies of God shall introduce you to great minds and you shall mount up like eagles.

You shall not miscarry the blessings you

contacted in this prayer. The answers

to your prayers shall no longer be delayed, your long awaited miracles shall be delivered to you tonight.

What laboratory technicians could not

diagnose, heaven will. Angels are assigned to carry out divine operation in your system.

Tonight, may you receive mercy that will usher healing and breakthrough into your life in Jesus Name, Amen! 

It is finished

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