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Reasons Why God Might Not Speak To You

As Christians, you should be able to hear from God on a daily basis if you have a proper relationship with Him. Just as he spoke with Moses Elijah and the prophets, He still speaks to us today. You have to be open-minded and receptive if you want God to speak to you today. However, here are reasons why God might not speak to you this month-

1. Besetting Sins

If you still have certain sins in your life then God might not speak to you this month unless you confess your sins and repent of them. They might be little sins you don't not even take serious but they are big in the sight of God. You have to humble yourself so that God can speak to me this month.

2. You don't listen to Him

He might decide not to speak to you because in the past you weren't attentive to him. you spent your time listening to the things of the world and you abandoned the direct message from God. He is going to speak to you if you are attentive and obedience to his word. Just like Jonah did, you need to consider and reconcile with God so that He can start speaking to you again.

3. Satan has taken over

God cannot speak to a person who is being controlled by the devil. When Satan controls your life then his voice becomes louder than any other voice. Even if God is speaking to you, you won't be able to hear because of Devil's control. However there are times God personally bring sinners to repentance which can be seen in the story of Paul the Apostle.

You have to remain attentive and obedience so that you can hear the voice of God this month. Keep away distractions and discouragement from the devil and build a relationship with God.

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