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At 97, he is still fasting, leading Tarawih prayer and recites the whole Quran in 3 days.

So, a social media user introduced his aged dad to the internet community, and everyone has nothing short of admiration and envy towards his dad. 

The man on twitter revealed that his dad is currently 97 years old, and he is the one leading the tarawih prayer for them in the Mosque. Also, he said baba normally recites the entire Holy Quran from cover to cover every 3 days. Another incredible thing about his dad is that, he still has the strength to fast at 97. 

Meanwhile, the twitter user posted a similar information about his aged dad last year while baba was 96, and by the grace of Allah, he can still do all those things he could do in the year 2020. 

It is the blessing of Allah which he bestows on whomever he wishes to have the strength as to be able to fast 30 days in the month of Ramadan, pray 8 - 11 rakat of Tarawih and read the Quran tirelessly on a daily basis at such old-age.

Indeed, it is a blessing from Allah and sign that one is a righteous person.

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