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Dating Romantic

Words of compassion and love you should send to that special someone.

(1) The heart longs for a touch of faith, and the soul yearns to love. You and I are nothing alike, our differences make us special.

(2) Life revolves around our actions, our actions create the life we live in. I have the power to hate, regret and love. I will always choose love, I will always choose you.

(3) The goal is not to be perfect, it's to be identical to it. Some things will never change until our mind is ready to let go. Love is the greatest and I am ready to accept you as you are.

(4) The moment I first saw you, the atmosphere around you was blissful. I never wanted to let go. To this very day, you are my only source of internal happiness.

(5) Your eyes twinkle like stars at night-time, when I gazed upon it, it made me fall in love with the night. You are all I desire when am alone at night.

(6) I long for your touch all day, I keep on dying to hear your voice say you love me. Make me part of your desires, it's all that I want to be.

(7) I want to make everlasting memories with you. Even though it's the last thing I do.

(8) Everything feels real when am around you, the closer we get, the more my dreams revolve around you.

(9) Edge of the world my hope lies. Only in your arms do I feel safe.

(10) The star shines brightest at night, it's the same way your beauty glamour endlessly in my eyes.

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