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The best gift from God to a person is not wealth or material resources but people

Most people think that the best gift God can give to a person is the gift of wealth or material resources but it is not, rather it is the gift of having people around you.God himself knew after creating man that man alone cannot survive alone and he saw the need for a companion then he made another person(the woman).I believe therefore,that material wealth is not the best gift from God to man but people.

Here are some reasons why people are the best gift man has;

The cure for loneliness is people

The first thing God saw after creating man, was loneliness he saw that man had nobody to be with him and to fellowship with therefore, a companion in the person of eve was needed so the basic thing needed to do was to look for a way to bring a person of his nature,from him to be with him which meant the end of loneliness around man. So if the man(Adam) who did not know sin when he was created initially, needed someone or a companion then i make bold to say nobody can survive without people around him or her.

In times of problem people are the ones to surround you

Take for instance an ill person who cannot stand on his or her feet, material resources or acquisitions is not what will gather around him or her but the people they have met and related with, that will stand around them to help them with words of encouragement and then can the material resources they have acquired, be used to help them in their state of health .

People make for improvement in the life of others

God saw the need for improvement and the need to grow beyond any level or facet of life and therefore, the need for procreation so we can learn from people higher than us and grow both spiritually,physically and otherwise. A wise man once said life is in faces and men are in sizes therefore,everbody is in a face of life and will need to connect with the people in the higher face of life he or she is aiming at,in other to get there.So this proves the necessity of people to each other.

God also needed people for his creation to continue

God also needed people for the work of creation he started to continue and God is also a spiritual personality, and he could continue creation if there was nobody to see,acknowledge and care for all what he created so he needed people around for the work of creation to continue else he would have created all the creatures i.e all the fishes,the trees,the light and every other thing and not bother about creating people.This shows how important people are even to the almighty God how much more to mortal men.

A person can only get what he needs through people

God cannot come down and start sharing money or resources to people, hence there is the need for channels through which his blessings get to everyone and it is through thesame people. Because a single person cannot do everything at thesame time other people are needed to do what they know how best to do, and then supplement each other hence man's survival depends on the people around him.This is why we have have people with different professions and different fields to help each other.

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This is a blessing and if you believe in people then share to yours also .

God bless you all.

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