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Resting place of the Ark of Prophet Noah (See Photos)

The Mount Judi is the resting place of the Ark built by Prophet Noah (A.S) by the command of God. It is located in south-east Turkey, close to the Syrian and Iraqi borders.

The Qur'anic narration of Noah’s Ark and the flood agrees with that given in the Christian Bible, with a few differences. One of these differences is the final resting place of the Prophet Noah's Ark. According to Genesis, the Noah's Ark grounded on the “mountains of Ararat” in Mecca; while according to the Qur’anic narration, the final resting place of the Ark was called Mount Judi.

Below are some photos of the resting place of prophet Noah's Ark.

The picture above is believed to be the current remains of the prophet Noah's Ark on the mountain.

The photos below show what the Ark constructed by Prophet Noah (A.S) may have looked like. Follow like and share this article for the benefit of others.

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