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How to lead praise and worship very well in the church.

Singing praises in the church is one of the important part of worship. without praiseand worship in the church, one important part of my the service will be missing.

Some people however do not really know how to lead praise and worship very well that the congratulation will be happy and the name of the Lord will be highly exulted.

These are some guides on how to lead praise and worship in the church.

1. Stop making the congregation stand when you want to start they'll do that by themselves when you start well.

2. Share a short exaltation or scriptural verse. Maximum of 1min. You are not there to preach.

3. To avoid being off key do some hyming to align yourself with the musicians.

4. Sing with your eyes opened. It helps you monitor the service especially the congregation and time.

5. Your eyes shouldn't be completely closed throughout the ministration be lively

6. Sing popular or congregational songs. You are there to lead and not to do a solo. Don’t introduce more than one new song in a given service.

7. Avoidchanging songs quickly. Its not about changing of songs. Sing every song for at least a three minutes before you change to another. Just follow the leadings of the spirit

8. Make room for the congregation to express their worship and prayer also.

9. Focus and be active on the altar as your involvement will have a great impact on the congregation.

10. Allow for a minute silence during the worship session. It gives room for God to speak clearly to His children. If you are boring on stage the service will be boring as well.

11. Pray some prayer before, during and after the Worship session. Don’t just sing through out you’re not a performer

12. Avoid leading and backing at the same time instead insert adlibs (sensible words),riffs and runs and allow others to back you.

13. You’re not alone on the altar. When the pastor comes on the altar cooperate with him don’t compete with him also flow with the other worship leaders and musicians

14. Always be humble and back up other worship leaders if you desire others to back you up. Yourcharacter and integrity is demonstrated by what you do or say out of the altar be faithful.

15. Lastly prayer prayer prayer the effective way to kill drama when singing.

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