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Say This Power Prayer Before Stepping Out This Morning To Attract God's Favor And Blessings

Say This Power Prayer Before Stepping Out This Morning To Attract God's Favor And Blessings

Whenever you wake up from sleep, let the prayer of thanksgiving be your number one priority, don't go asking God about why you had nightmares, why you didn't wake up early or why you are broke.

First thing you do in the morning is thank God for the life that he had granted you to see another day with, the life he purchased for you with the blood of his only son Jesus.

Make it a tradition to always give thanks to God, when we appreciate God, we are indirectly opening doors for new opportunities, new blessings and favors.

There is no regret for those who have been working with these prayers patterns, you do not just go on your kneels making demands of God, start by showing how humble you are.

Just like your earthly father, whenever you wake up or he comes to wake you up in the morning, what do you do? Even if he had promised and failed you, you would still greet him, good morning.

You see, God's case is not so different, but your good morning shoudk be worship, calling him sweet names and exalting him above every other name, making sure you put him first, before work or your problems.

These are simple patterns of prayers that when you follow, you would attest to the fact that it works just fine for ebery one who believes.

There is no special words to write down for you,it's all in your mind and heart, you know names to call God even if it has do to with your language, go ahead and hail him, give him praises, adoration, thanksgiving in your language.

The end point is, before you say anything to God, praise him, if you can't sing it, say it, call him sweet names and praise him. After praises him you can ask for forgiveness and then you can talk to him about other things.

Here's a little hint on the prayer you out to pray to remains blessed as you step out;

Dear God,

Thank you for yet another day, thank you for how you've kept me and my family, friends and loved ones alive and in good health.

Thank you for provision, thank you for the night, thank you for everything that you've done that I cannot mention.

Glory to your name, father thank you for being God, you change not and you faik not, glory to your name.

Please forgive me if my sins, wherever and however I've sinned against you, please forgive me and have your waybupon my life.

Bless my going out and coming in, connect me to my helpers and customers today, I shall excel. I thank you for blessing and keeping me.

I thank you because I know that You have done everything, even what I did not ask of you. Take glory, honor, power and adoration.

Thank you, in Jesus' name, Amen.

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