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Meet The Muslim Scholar Who Wrote The Entire Quran Using His Blood As Ink

Sadam Hussein, like many tyrants, had a smidgeon of narcissism in his personality. In one such episode, he decided it would be a good idea to handwrite the entire Quran with his own blood.

It was written over the course of two years as he had blood drawn on a regular basis, with a total of 27 liters (though the exact amount is debatable) of his own blood used to draw 600 pages of the Quran. Nobody can access it unless they have specific authorization, and it is now kept in a secure location of an Iraqi mosque.

Abbas Shakir Joudi al-Baghdadi, an artist, transcribed it. Sadam claimed he was attempting to demonstrate his devotion to God. However, many Muslims say that his act of piety is actually haraam (a sin by the law of the Quran).

Well a lot of people can actually go the extra me to serve Allah and that's an example of Sadam, even though he was feeling pains he till finish the entire Quran.

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