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Pictures Of Pope Francis Praying Inside Mosques In Mecca And Around The World.

The conflicts going on between Muslims and Christians in different Countries is something that most Religious Leaders are trying to stop. In the olden days people have love for each other without caring about their Religion, but now things have change but despite that most Religious Leaders have proven that they can associate with people despite their Religion and Pope Francis is one of them.

This great man has gained the respect of several people from all over the World not just because he is a Pope, but because he is not ashamed to associate with people from different Religion.

A lot of Religious Leaders including Muslim and Christians have paid this great man a visit and he welcomed them wholeheartedly.

What makes him unique and different is that he is a father to all, he has been seen with several Muslim clerics and he is friends with some of them.

Pope Francis has also visited the great Mecca which is meant for Muslims, a lot of people will say that it is not right for a Pope to be in Mecca but the Pope don't care about that because he love everyone equally. Pope Francis have also visited several mosques to pray and he is very proud of what he is doing.

Pope Francis is a Role model to several people in the World, and that's why we feel happy that he is one of the people who has shown that Religion differences is not a reason for conflicts.

Checkout more photos below

Pope Francis is a great man and people from all over the World are proud of him.

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