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Say These Prayers Against Untimely Death This Weekend

As we enter into another weekend in the month of September, let's develop the ability of praising and worshipping the name of the Lord. He deserves our praises and adoration and we need to always give Him what He deserves. After doing that, we can now ask Him for anything we want Him to do for us. As we enter into another weekend, let's say these prayers against untimely death

We bless the name of the Lord for His goodness over our lives and families

We worship Him for everything He did for us and our families

He has done well and we shouldn't deny Him what He deserves

In the name of Jesus, you will defeat all your foes this weekend

In the name of Jesus, the Lord will make them quake in your presence this week.

Today, all death pronouncements over your life will be revoked.

Every death sentence issued against you will be lifted today.

Every death sentence issued against you and your family will not be carried out.

Throughout this week, the Lord will be with you.

And nothing bad will ever come close your dwelling

Since the beginning of the week, we have been grateful for your mercy and protection of our families.

We are grateful for your unwavering affection, which you have bestowed upon us.

We thank you for all of your blessings in our lives.

Father Lord, please don't abandon your children

Give us the Grace to live for you Lord

And help us to always obey your word Lord

Lord, we pray that you keep all of your promises to us of long life and prosperity.

He will not leave you nor forsake you

At the end of the weekend, you shall have all cause to glorify the name of the Lord

Thank you for answering our prayers Lord

In Jesus name we pray


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