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Say these powerful prayers points if you want a change of situation


The environment we are in is full of men who were rich In the past but at present, are very poor. They were blessed in the past but today the blessing of the past are located in the dust bins of history. They are men with glorious past. The reason for such situation is not farfetched; it is revolves around the type of blessing they sought for.

There are two types of blessing Temporary blessing and divine blessing.

If you can pray yourself into realm and ocean of divine blessing today, your destiny shall move from glory to glory. It is those who will pray aggressively that will possess and retain their blessings. When you possess your divine blessings, the eagle of your life shall fly again, the star of your destiny shall shine as the sun, and angels from heaven shall fight your battle without your knowledge. The package of divine blessing is so great and it is the extent to which you cannot pray that can hinder you from touching the maximum. Believe that the arm of the lord will replace your own when you pray and it shall be so.

Let’s Pray

Every hidden covenant, sending me away from my blessings, break by fire in Jesus name.

Any inherited curse standing against my blessings, I wipe you away with the blood of Jesus.

Every negative anointing preventing me from receiving divine blessings, dry up today in Jesus name.

You the attacker of my blessings, it is your turn to scatter now, by fire in Jesus name.

Every occultist power under the seas, stopping and scattering blessing be consume by fire in Jesus name.

The anointing that will attract permanent blessings, fall on me now in Jesus name.

My Blessings locate me in Jesus name.

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