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Pastor Oyakhilome Reveals What He Did To A Nigerian University That Was Being Terrorized By Cultists

Once you become a child of God, the name of Jesus becomes more to you. You have to be a true christian before you fully understand this. The power in the name of Jesus is a very powerful weapon and if we can use well, it can help us win a lot of spiritual battles.

I was reading Pastor Oyakhlime's manual and discovered a story he told about his time in the university. It was really inspiring and I will be sharing it with you today. He talked about the time he was called to a university to pray for them. He was called because the rate of cultism in that school was too high. After much thought, he decided to go there with his fellow brethren and when he reached the university, he located the school's foundation stones and started prayers.

They laid their hands on the stone and commanded every demon that was bringing cultism and trouble to the school to go out. They declared the school free and a 'no cultism zone'. After that, they went on to build a fellowship in that school, and thanks to God's undying glory, it became the biggest fellowship in that institution.

Pastor Chris claims that they don't need to go to the school's foundation again before they pray, all they have to do is say the name of Jesus and it will take effect anywhere they want. This is a sign of growth in the spirit and the better we understand the Lord, the better for us. Do not let anyone tell you that the word of the Lord is not powerful, it can heal your disease and free you from troubles.

One of the main reasons we are Christians is because of that name so as believers, we can't be helpless when we know the power in that name. Make sure you use it today.

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