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3 Reasons Why Families Need To Pray Together Everyday

The Bible says in the book of Matthew 18:20 (NLT), "For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”

A family that prays together, as the proverb goes, stays together. Families who pray together are blessed by God, who gives them more peace, love, and harmony in their homes. Family prayer is also an excellent approach to encourage younger children to pray on their own. There are three reasons, however, why families should pray together every day:

1. Prayer time is used by families to pass down religious traditions to future generations. They instill in their children biblical ideas and the vital information about Jesus as they get older. That is where the child's foundation is laid as well as where the child is taught to pray.

2. Prayer enables family members to address problems or stresses they were facing, as well as reduced tensions in their relationships. Through prayers, families address certain difficulties and problem that could push them backward. It is a positive atmosphere and a place to reduce tensions in their relationship. Every obstacles is solved in the place of prayer.

3. Prayer creates a sense of family unity by allowing family members to bond with one another. It helps family members develop closer together in love and harmony by increasing their camaraderie. A family that lacks love will fall apart, while a family that lacks togetherness will disperse. They must be together in order to become stronger and closer.

Finally, when parents pray with their children, they are not only teaching them how to pray, but they are also modeling and highlighting the value of prayer in the hopes that their children will develop a private prayer practice that they will continue into adulthood.

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