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See the Country where People gather in Public to Worship Satan (Photos)

 In Washington DC, the government has agreed that Satan will be worshiped among the people. Christians living in the state were disgusted with the new development as Satanists can now go public to worship their master without any interference.

 Some of the Satan instincts were seen in large numbers as they marched to the Legislative House, where they performed their ritual, which we Christians really don't know about.




 Christians who saw them were provoked when some rebuked them in the name of God. The satanist, who saw the wearing of a pentagram as a march, did not care about the large number of Christians who abused them.

 This is purely a sign of the end of the world. How can people who worship the devil have so much courage to come out in public and no one has questioned them? Evil has conquered the whole world and nowadays people are gradually losing faith in God.

 This satanic march was accompanied by flags similar to those of the United States flag, implying that their activities are considered legal and protected by the laws of the state. This satanic group wants the monument to the Ten Commandments of God in Arkansas to be removed, after which a lawsuit against unconstitutionality has been filed.


 They believe that the government has imposed an unconstitutional religion on society and therefore wishes to see a change in culture.

 My friends in Christ, we can now see how the devil enslaved our society today and how he took over the world. There was a lot of immorality all over the world and other anti-social vices that were not from God. The only way we can be saved is if we turn back to him and tell him that we are sorry and confess our sins before we are free and have the certainty of heaven if we keep His commandments and obey his world.

 As I share this message, I also speak to myself, if I do not obey his word, he will drive me out on the last day. We must pray and ask God for His grace to remain in His presence, to remain in His divine love, so that we can have mercy and salvation and finally join Him on this great day in heaven.



 While the Devil's agents marched on two brave Christian women named Annah Irungu from Kenya, Lanette Joneson blamed the Devil's people seriously and openly. They were so brave to stand on their feet and defend God's name. These two women have shown a lot of courage without worrying about the large amount that they competed against. This is because they know that they are serving a living God who will never let them down. The actions of the two women will not be forgotten before God Almighty.

 One of the women who reprimanded her. As you can see, she is holding a rosary in her hands

 I bring Christians from all over the world together to come out and unite and fight this enemy from hell. Your plans will not be successful as long as you are God in port.

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Their view is that the government has unconstitutionally imposed religion in the society and so want the culture to be changed.

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