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Bishop Moka calls out Daddy Freeze, Damina, others "You are deceiving the people with grace sermons

Bishop Moka have called out Daddy freeze, Minister Ugoeze chukwuebuka and Damina on their teachings which he referred to as erroneous and unscriptural.According to Bishop Moka who is the head of Soulcare for Healthcare Ministries (Divine Life Message) their teachings are baseless and does not reflect the kind of teachings taught by Jesus in the scriptures,he stated that the scriptures are grossly misinterpreted by them. He said that their erroneous interpretation of basic scriptural writings have robbed the people of the accurate knowledge of God.

One of the teachings he emphasized on was the teachings of grace and the law. According to Bishop Moka SC,he stated that Daddy Freeze and all the preachers he mentioned do not really know what these subjects mean. According to him,God has never removed his law,if his law was removed what would be the basis of his judgement and if we as christians do not walk according to the law anymore then what do walk by?.

He also attacked their teachings of calling the Bible "the word of God" According to the bishop the Bible is not the word of God but a testimony to the word of God.

He also attacked the principle of calling the scriptures a testament saying that a testament is a will written and not in effect until the person (testator) who wrote it dies.

He thereby ended by saying that Daddy Freeze,Pastor Abel Damina and Minister Ugoeze Chukwuebuka should arrange a meeting and let them all come and reason according to the scriptures and sort out all these errors.

Here's a YouTube link to watch the full video ;

What do you think about this? Should Daddy Freeze and Pastor Abel Damina and the other ministers come for the meeting.

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