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Midnight prayer points for 17th to 18th July 2020

1. Lord I thank you for the victory I have over the battles of the night .

2. Thank you lord for this night season of my life and what you will do

3. Lord show me mercy and cleanse me tonight with your blood. ( Please for forgive for sins and errors now)

4. Acts 16: 25-26, Lord as I praise and pray tonight release your earthquake to shake and uproot every evil foundation in my life and destiny by fire.

5. You powers of manufacturing battles for my destiny, be arrested tonight in Jesus name

6. The children of Israel were set free from Egypt in the night (Exodus 12:42) lot was freed in the night (Genesis 14:15) king chedorlaomer died in the night and pharaoh's wheel where taken off in the night season, Lord Tonight rain down judgement upon every unrepentant enemy in Jesus name

7. O Lord my name must change from Jacob to Israel, I must move from story to Glory, in Jesus name

8. O Lord raise me out from the dunghill of poverty

9. I come out of every demonic prison, financial prison and marital prison including childlessness prison tonight by fire in Jesus name

10. O Lord visit me with your power and fight my battles Tonight, turn the tables against every witchcraft and Marine power in operation Tonight.

11. Oh Lord I command every throne of wickedness Workin against my destiny at midnight to be overthrown now by fire in Jesus name

12. Lord please bring bring my life, family and ministry out of every prison house in Jesus name, make me YOUR ELEVATION SHOW ROOM

13. Lord provoke a new Dawn/season of favor, promotion, good health, open doors, breakthrough for me now by fire



thank God for answered prayers and wait because there shall be MANIFESTATION BY FIRE in Jesus name. Amen

Drop your Amen, share for others to pray, ask your question if you have any, follow me for more prayer points.

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