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10 Common Reasons Why Most Marriages Failed

In our modern societies today the cases of failed marriage is ever increasing daily.

For a certain amount of time now you definitely would have heard of divorce cases filed in court or even before the the rulers of such place at least once in a month, you may hear just one case, or many of these cases as well.

But over 50 percent of the total numbers of families today are living in a kind of "tied and hook" marriage, where only the children acts as the knots that hold the husband and wife together.

Notably to say that these types of hooked marriages are faced with too much challenges that will be very devastating to both the husband, wife and children alike, because there will be no peace at all.

Cheating is also common with both partners, when love is lost then there is no need to hold back anymore.

But if you pause and wonder why all these are happening in the first place then we can try to pinpoint five Important factors that leads to marriage failing nowadays, which is also ever increasing daily.

Starting with the most important of these five factors we have;

1. Cheating

This is infact a very serious case, cheating among couple has become a normal thing, such that there is even a type of marriage where both partners engage in swings with other partners.

The case is so alarming and painful, seriously no sane Married man or woman will tolerate cheating, it's painful to be honest. This alone has caused alots of break-up between loving partners who were once Inseparable.

2. Lack of trust

When there is no trust there is no need to hold on to someone or the relationship at all. That's to say that when you notice that your partner has lost interest for you and you truely love him/her you should abandon what is diverting your attention from him/her then you should make sure they have trust and love you back, because when someone loves you then they can do anything to proves it.

But that's not the case with today's couples, slight misunderstanding and then they divorce, no trust, no faith between them.

3. Lack of Patience

This one too is common and infact very fast at separating married couples apart, this is a majority case for most ladies who can't be satisfied with the little their men do for them, perhaps her friends have better spouse who are rich than her, so she can't stand her poor wretched husband, lack of patience results.m

4. Couples who are not Godly

Really how can two married people neglect God in their marriage when for sure they all called upon him to bless their wedding.

This is very common as they don't even care to go and pray, always busy with Worldly affairs, couples need to pray together, worship and go to church or mosque together, that can create and unbreakable spiritual bond between them.

5. Principle of the fading love

This is very common among the north, when a lady has given birth to over four kids, infact even two kids, she will eventually become exhausted and well she will loose all her vitality as a young charming and beautiful woman you once love.

This is when fading love principle takes in, you will notice that the husband loose interest in her and he began to look for ladies outside, this is very devastating to most housewives but there is not hope against it. 

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