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4 Reasons The Answers To Your Prayers Are Being Delayed

Prayer is the means by which we communicate with God. Through prayers we adore him, confess our sins give thanks and finally make our supplications or humble requests.

There are times when we make a particular request our primary prayer point and in all we do, no matter how many days and midnights we fast and pray it seems still as though these requests are not coming forth. This article shall enlighten you on the possible reasons for that.

Your heart is not clean

You may be keeping malice for someone, you are praying out of jealousy, you do not need what you pray for for genuine reasons. Keep it at the back of your mind that our God is an omniscience being that sees both physical and beyond. He searches our hearts and knows the true reasons behind all we do.

When your reasons for a particular request is impure, he is not going to grant you such a request.

You do not make sacrifices

Gifts serve as door openers, without sacrifices you cannot get ahead. 

After you must have made series of intense supplications and nothing is showing forth, it is advisable to make a sacrifice. 

It may be through charity or sowing a seed of faith to your pastor. These usually go a very long way in releasing your blessings.

You are not patient

Maybe its not just your time yet. Gods time is the best. You have to believe that he knows when such a request fits in best into your life. You may be praying for riches where as you are not yet mature enough to handle it when it comes. How do your supplications are going to be granted.

You are struggling with a particular sin

A passage of the bible says that righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people. Sin often stands as a hindrance between a man and his blessings. That's why it is said that he who calls the name of the lord must keep himself faraway from iniquities.

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