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Opinion: Five reasons why we should support our prayers with work

By the sweat of your face, shall you eat (gen 3:19). This is one of the greatest mistakes people make. They think that invocation alone will give them all they want from the lord, that is a fallacy.

A Zambian proverb says, God gives every bird its food but does not throw it into its nest. And Paul said we have to work out our salvation (Philistines 2:12). He also added, he who does not work, let him not eat (2 Thessalonians 3:10). That was his stern warning to those who abandoned their livelihood to devote their whole time to solicitation.

1 Petitions brings blessings and graces, but these do not work in a vacuum, rather on nature and hard work, that is, we have to provide a platform on which the grace of the almighty will operate and blessings be bestowed. We have to match our pleas with appropriate actions. 

2 Think of the Israelites of old, in the book of Judges, whenever war came knocking on their door, they never folded their arms and waited for the creator to fight for them, rather they prayed for his company and the grace to win it, and then they went to the battlefield. 

In the days of Esther when a plot was hatched by Haman to exterminate the Jews, she called on the them to join her in three days praying and fasting after which she broke protocols to see the king and plead with him for her people's lives. Part of it reads, 'As for me, give me courage, king of gods and master of all powers. Put persuasive words into my mouth when I face the lion..' (Esther 4:12-13). Now, that was an appeal of one set for action. She did not pray and wait for Yahweh to simply deliver them without their efforts. We must learn from these ancient people of faith. 

3 We should put in our best efforts before expecting Jehovah to complement them, bearing in mind that He always has an angel of help for those who are willing to do their duty.

It means then, for instance, that a student soliciting for examination success must study hard before expecting the supreme being to attend to his needs . A sick person praying for good health must, as much as he could, visit the hospital and take the appropriate drugs. He should follow the physician 's prescriptions on diet and abstinence, bearing in mind that these are natural and scientific means he has given man with which he heals. 

4 One of the obstacles to healing is the fatalistic tendency among the people to let the divinity take action without any initiative on their part to improve their sanitary conditions and to visit the medical practitioner.

5 The situation is not helped by some evangelists who set up an artificial opposition between prayer and medicine as if the omnipotent 's way of healing is only through requests , while the medical profession is a secular means of healing, somehow unworthy of Christians who have real faith.

Consequently, they encourage people to pray and not to see their clinician. But The most high works through him to heal. The counsellor, pharmacist and nurse are all ministers of healing. All with their different competencies, makeup the maker's healing team.

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