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Ministry of the Holy Spirit Excerpt from Apostle Joshua Selman teaching

Ministry of the Holy Spirit


How many people claim they know the Holy Spirit. Listen I tell you the secret of koinonia, is not just miracle, there are ministries that work in ten times more miracle than us the miracle that this ministry had walk in put together ten times if Benny Hin should show up here they will all happen in one night, but brothers and sisters the difference is his presence, that's what creates conviction.

I like you to close your eyes and pray, lord not just power, not just anointing, a Revelation of your presence.


You are brooding over every darkness

You are causing light to shine from darkness.


The holy spirit is the one who taught me the word, his presence is the product of real relationships,

Do you know Him?

Do you talk to him?

Do you respect him?

Is your life an eforgence of his characteristics?

Show me how he took that anger out of your life.

Show me how he has taken that pride and culture out of your life........

I would be the room laying down and I will see a mist, the shape of man standing and brothers and sisters I will be frozen, not under his power but his influence, all part of my body will be shaking like a leave for hours, I don't know, is like things are entering and leaving me, I cannot even Explain, it it That he is speaking to me? , is it inpartation?, is it deliverance? I don't know, I will remain like that for more than an hour, I Will not say anything.

His presence define your longevity,

his presence defines how you pray,

Till today that is the training I will never trade for anything, no matter what I become.

Prayer was primarily design as a spiritual system to know him.

Prayer was Primarily designed as a system that convey his presence to you.

You know him when you can proof you carry his presence.

You know him when you can proof the reality,.

Lord a Revelation of your presence in our Generation is what we ask !!!

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