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Every Firstborn Facing Difficulties In Life Should Do This Quickly

Every firstborn in a family is born with a special ordination and for this purpose they encountered in different challenges in life, such as demonic attack, generational issue, and so on.

It is not normal whenever you see a lot of people especially firstborns in the families being helpless and hopeless in life. There is always a cause to every reaction.

As a firstborn, you must be entitled of special responsibility to protect the family name, standing as the head whenever the father is no more there, and taking care of your younger ones.

A lot of battles are attached to this position, and that is why I will encourage all firstborn to ensure their welfare now.

Life is spiritual, and failure to understand this will end woefully, most of the firstborn that are going through difficulties and hardship nowadays are aorchestrated in the spiritual realm, that is why this battle is not physical but spiritual.

Attacks on the firstborn started from the Bible, In Genesis 49:3-4 Jacob told Reuben that, you will be unstable as water, because you had ascended on your father’s bed. Some of those difficulties happened as a result of curse and other generational problem, in which all firstborn’s need God for their aid.

Inspite of this, where there are men to pray, there must be God to answer, for these reasons we are should call on God to deliver his people from generational problem.

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Genesis Jacob Reuben


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