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Say These Prayers for God to Help and Bless You Throughout This Week to Succeed in Life

We are in the world that you need blessings and help to succeed in life (Suggestion). These things are not been given to anyone by the help of our fellow human beings only, but given only when God has design them for you. You can, as well, seek for these things from God, for he is our creator, protector, helper and provided. As a result, with faith in God, kindly, click on the follow button - then say these prayers with trust in him that he may help and bless you throughout this week to your success in life, saying:

Lord Jesus, I thank you for your sacrifice, your sufferings and death on the cross of calvary for my sake, in order that I might be safe, so I can attain to your goodness on earth, and to be with you in heaven to serve and exalt the name of God.

O God, forgive me the sins I have committed in my life as the result of been human and so I'm unable resist them, so I need you to aid me to overcome anything that will befall me in serving, loving and glorifying your name. O God, have mercy on me. Help me, Father, that through your love and grace over my life, I will bear in me all the goodness and works that you demand of me in Jesus name.

Almighty God, take away all the sorrows of this life that are implanted on me either through my own mistakes or as the result of the wickedness of my enemies, so that you will bless me with your kingdom of justice that I may be glad through your shower of blessings to penetrate every barrier that will prevail itself on my way; bless me in my business, works, education, family and others, that I may be successful through your powerful and infinite blessings for me to succeed in them through Jesus Christ your son.

O my Father in Heaven, I need your intervention to help and direct me throughout this week in everything I will lay my hands on, to progress in all aspects of my life that I may not be a shame to my family and others who trust in me. Help and direct me Almighty Father, to progress in whatever thing I have at hand and on things that I'm about to embark in Jesus name.

O God of miracles and wonders, I need you to help me to demolish all the powers, plans and works of my enemies throughout this week to render them powerless before me; shield me with your armour in this week that the arrows and spears of my enemies and the works of all the members of the kingdom of darkness will be harmless to me and to everything I own in this life in Jesus name.

My God, I am grateful to you for all what you have done for me, and for these ones that you are looking forward to handle them for me, I give you all the praises for you deserve even more than that; thank you Father, thank you Lord. For I make my prayer and request that they may be granted in Jesus most mighty name. Amen.


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You are bless in Jesus name, Amen.

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