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Before you sleep tonight, Defeat every Enemies and receive victory with these Night Prayers

Before you sleep tonight, Say these powerful Night Prayers.

Heavenly Father, thank you for preserving my life throughout the day, thank you Lord for protecting me danger, accidents and attacks. Merciful Father I am so glad and grateful for your faithfulness upon my life, for always surprising me with your blessings and love. Oh God I don't deserve your mercy and kindness, but you have never fail me in any way. Receive all glory, honour and adoration in Jesus Name.

Oh Lord, I ask for your Mercy upon my Life. Anyway I have come short of your expectations show me your mercy and Grace. Let not my past iniquity and sins stand as a hindrance to my answer to prayers, and blessings upon my life.

Oh God give me the grace to live for you, to serve you in holiness and Righteousness. Don't allow me to live the way that doesn't please you, implant your image in me. Let me be full with grace and Glory.

Oh Lord anoint me with fresh oil and fire. Cause me to be a threat for my Enemies. Let me be a no go area for my enemies in Jesus Name.

Oh God arrest every troubler of my soul, cause them to be Disappointed in Jesus Name.

Oh Lord, calm every storm in my life and endeavours. Deliver me from every raging storm that is causing everything in my life to be scattered, to receive calm in Jesus Name.

Oh God deliver me from afflictions of any kind. Waiting to claim the life of my loved ones, waiting to destroy my dreams and destiny. Deliver and set me free in Jesus Name.

Oh God arise over every case in my life and Family. Every court case, battles in the air, land and sea. Fight for me and let me hold my peace in Jesus Name.

Shield me with your blood, let no enemies be able to penetrate in Jesus Name. My compound and properties is covered with blood of Jesus.

Seal your prayers with a powerful AMEN BELOW. Kindly share immediately to your loved ones.

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