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The Biblical Reason Why Some People Might Fail And Have No Peace

Our great nation has finally reached her 61st year of independence and you should be grateful to God for making you a living witness to this awesome celebration.

It is no news that Nigeria is a blessed country and also a land flowing with milk and honey, hence it is regarded as the giant of Africa. Although Nigeria remains one of the most prosperous countries on the surface of the earth, there are lots of people that have not witnessed the flow of that prosperity, and in other words, they have failed in the land.

As a Christian and believer who is also a citizen of this country, you would be eager to know the reason why you might fail or have no peace in this country and as a result, I'll be sharing 1 biblical reason.

Biblical Reason Why Some People Might Fail And Lack Peace In Nigeria

• No One Prospers Or Succeed In The Land Or Country He Does Not Love

Do not be deceived, if you don't love Nigeria as your country, there's no way you can prosper in the land, regardless of whatever business or career you're engaging with.

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The Bible makes it clear in the book of Psalms 122: 6 that when you love your country ( Nigeria ), prosperity is guaranteed.

On the other hand, the biblical reason why you might not have peace in this country ( Nigeria ) is that you have refused to seek the peace of this land.

There are many around the corners of this country that have been responsible for the havoc and chaos ravaging this land. You can't expect such people to have peace in their life, provided they remain in this country.

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There's a very crucial instruction in the book of Jeremiah 29: 7 which commands you to seek the peace of your country. The benefit of this biblical commandment is that you will have peace, as long as you obey it.

How Then Can I Prove The Sincerity Of My Love For Nigeria?

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Biblically, the only way you can prove your love for your country is through prayers. Praying for your country ( Nigeria ) as proof of your love gives you access to peace and prosperity in the land ( Nigeria ) therein.

Psalm 122: 6 - 8 ( Paraphrase ) states that when you pray for the peace of your country ( Nigeria ), you have proven your love and you'll prosper as a result. In addition, you and your household shall experience peace.

If you must prosper and have peace in your father's land ( Nigeria ), then you must love the country. Remember that you can only prove your love by praying for Nigeria.

Do you love Nigeria as your country?

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