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Devotion: Stepping Into The Realm Of Excellence

The primary aim and objective of everyone on earth is to stand out and excel in all our undertakings in life. However, only the few that discover and observed the steps to excellence, that are able to stand out faster in life. Importantly, the utmost desire of God is that we succeed,excel and shine wherever we find ourselves in life. STEPS TO EXCELLENCE IN LIFE  The first step is to have godly knowledge and divine understanding. Beloved, godly knowledge is acquired basically and majorly from the Word of God and it helps you to use and apply words carefully and wisely ( Col 3:16). Words are so powerful they can lead to your freedom, breakthrough, success, liberty or bondage. Secondly, having divine understanding makes you an excellent person; having divine understanding helps you to solve problems, challenges, issues of life and makes you a solution to others... TAKE THE FOLLOWING STEPS: Ask God for divine understanding from a sincere heart, and when you have received it, use it to promote the work of God. The knowledge about God and Jesus gives understanding, you must devote quality time to study the scriptures and live in accordance with the teaching there in on daily basis.Consequently, you will gain and acquire understanding to excel in every aspect of your life, just like Daniel, Joseph and king David.

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