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Pattern Of Effective Prayers And Hindrances To Avoid

 Prayer is something that is very important in our relationship with God. It is so important that Jesus Christ himself cannot live without it. He always separated himself from the disciples to fellowship with the Father alone through prayer. There are many types of prayer, and there are many forms of prayer. There is individual prayer and there is collective or cooperate prayer. There is also family prayer, where everyone comes together at the home altar to pray for each member and the whole family. The intention of the heart of every praying person is to see the answer to his prayer. One day disciples of Jesus asked him to teach him how to pray because they discovered that prayer had great influence in his life. So he gave them a pattern to use in their prayers. PATTERN OF EFFECTIVE PRAYER : This pattern will strengthen your prayer life. The first is to know that God is your Heavenly Father, thus you have a father and son or father and daughter relationship with him. Second, praise his name for being a good and promising father to you. The third is to ask Him to reign supreme in your life and circumstances. Fourth, ask Him to fulfill and achieve His desire in your life. Fifth, ask about your daily needs and wants. Sixth, ask him to forgive you while you forgive others. Seventh, ask him not to tempt you; Ask him to save us from evil because evil comes our way uninvited, but he is able to deliver us. Lastly, give him all the glory for answering your prayer. Let your praise and thanks exceed your request because he knows what we need before we ask, and since he loves praise, he will quickly honor our request. HINDRANCE TO EFFECTIVE PRAYER : In order to have an effective corporate or family prayer section, members must not harbor animosity or hostility towards each other. Members should be free to admit their mistake to each other and pray for each other so that their souls may be healed. Don't hide any guilt in your heart when you come together to pray it will hinder the effectiveness of your prayer. Therefore, it is good that every member is motivated to pray and ask for forgiveness of sins so that the prayer section can be effective. Let us work on ourselves so that we do not become a stumbling block to our prayers.

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