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Why Do Many People Suffer Before Their Breakthrough? - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Answers

One of the questions from a young man says, "Why do many people suffer for long before their breakthrough?" How many of you ever thought about that? Have you thought about why many suffer before their breakthrough and that is, if they do have a breakthrough. People suffer for a long time because most people are headstrong in the wrong direction. For example, Jesus said, follow me and I'll make you fishers of men and we don't follow. And if we don't follow, how will he make us? To follow Jesus, you must follow Him in the Word, through the Word and by the Word of God. Jesus said follow me and I'll make you fishers of men, he didn't say follow me and try to be or pray to be. He said follow me and I'll make you. Our responsibility is to follow but how to follow is the problem. 

How do we follow Jesus? If you had been living in Jesus day in Jerusalem or Israel, you might have thought when he said follow me it meant come along with me from street to street, and that would have been easy but did you know there was a man that followed him and didn't quite make it. Judas followed him and didn't make it, he lost out with God, betrayed Jesus. So, it wasn't enough to follow him from street to street. So, searching through God's word we find what he's talking about, is to follow in the Word of God. Find Jesus in the Word because that's where we locate him. Jesus said search the scriptures for they teach of me. 

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