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Photos Of Ado Gwanja, Lawan Ahmad, Maryam, Hafsat And Other Kannywood Celebrities In Mecca

Check out beautiful photos of Kannywood celebrities, Maryam Yahya, Hafsat Idris, Salisu S Fulani, and others in Saudi Arabia. This article shows you some lovely photos of these Hausa stars both males and females. Basically, Saudi Arabia or Mecca is the most holiest city for the Muslim faithful. They mostly visit because visiting Mecca and performing Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam. There are some set of people who visit Saudi Arabia for other reasons like chilling, trading, and studying. Saudi Arabia is not only the city which Kannywood celebrities visited there are other beautiful cities they went to and had fun either single without anyone with them or with their families.

Nafisa Abdullahi

Nafisa visited countries like the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Mecca, and others. This is Nafisa and her late mother during their visit to the holy city.

Rahma Sadau

Like Nafisa Abdullahi, Rahma also visited many countries. She also did her higher education outside Nigeria that is Cyprus.

Ado Gwanja

Ado Gwanja joined the other Muslims all over the world and went to Saudi Arabia more than once. 

Ali Nuhu

The countries Ali Nuhu visited include India, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia.

Hafsat Idris

She is a famous businesswoman who is having fun visiting other countries. She mostly goes with her smallest daughter.

Umar M Sharif

The recent city Umar visited was Dubai, he is among the other stars who went to the holiest country, Mecca. Here are his photo and his beloved mother. 

Maryam Yahya

She also has the privallage of visiting Mecca, Dubai and other cities. Maryam Yahya is currently the young, rising and upcoming Hausa actress.

These are photos of the other Kannywood stars in Mecca, they include but are not limited to Lawan Ahmad (Umar Hashim) and Salisu Fulani.

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