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"This Is The Best Way To Help People And Attract An Unimaginable Favour From God"- Sam Adeyemi

So many persons like helping those who are in need only when they are asked for help. Biblically, it's not really the best way to help this win need. God expects each and every one of us to be bearers of each others burden and by so doing we can be able to help people and as well be helped by God.

The reason you keep complaining of why they help people and they don't get their blessings. One of the reasons is because, they don't move out of their comfort zone to help others.

A businessman and pastor, Mr Sam Adeyemi has revealed the best way to help those in need so as to receive good and massive returns from God. Mr Sam Adeyemi advised people to respond to the promptings they receive concerning helping anyone stating that it I'd the best way to attract favour from God.

"If someone (client, family, friend, etc.) comes to your mind with respect to a need, act on it. Do what you can, and promptly too. You don’t know when it may be too late. Kindness will come back to you in ways that will beat your imagination. Have a beautiful week", Pastor Sam Adeyemi later

Those moments the Lord brings to your mind about helping certain persons are always the best time to help them. If you say that you will to it later, it may become late.

So many perons would have been used by God to save lives but they ignored to help. You don't know how much God will bless you if you obey his promptings.

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Sam Adeyemi


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