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Prayers Against Shame And Disgrace, Please Don’t Ignore!

Prayers Against Shame And Disgrace, Please Don’t Ignore!

Hello and welcome once more to my prayer page, this page is now dedicated to publishing daily fervent prayers that will help my readers to achieve spiritual liberty, freedom and excellence. So if this is your first time here, Please ensure you do click on the follow button so you never have to miss these prayers.

Today’s prayers are directed at rejecting shame and disgrace in your life. Without further delay, let us dive right into it

1.      My destiny, jump out of ancestral witchcraft cage in jesus name.

2.      shelter of evil birds that is against my life, be destroyed In jesus name.

3.      drifting of the enemy shall not prosper in my life in the name of jesus.

4.      Oh God my father, My Life shall not be blown away with the wind, in the name of jesus.

5.      Abba father take away my destiny from casualty in jesus name

6.      Me and my family shall not be a spiritual casualty in jesus name.

7.      Power of foundational spirits against me, I arrest your power, in jesus name.

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