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How Five CAC Prophets Defied Science During Their Lifetime

Christendom in Nigeria has seen the rise of God's generals who have been super-recognized for their ministries of amazing signs and wonders. These prophets do everyday mind-blowing miracles that defy scientific explanation and their healing and deliverance have helped countless multitudes. The Prophets here are:

1. Prophet Ezekiel Oladoye Babalola

In 1924 Prophet Ezekiel Oladoye Babalola, popularly known as Baba Agric, was born in Kuta, Osun Province. He met Jesus in CAC and dedicated himself to evangelism in the church. After calling, he had an encounter where Apostle Ayo Babalola, who had appeared to him, asked him what he wanted. He asked to be a true Cross ambassador, laid down on him in the revelation, and Ayo Babalola, and he woke up. Having sensed the call of God in his life, he offered himself as a vessel and the records available show great testimonies of divine feat, miracles, and healing that is never seen before.

He was invited to a CAC church in Mushin at Lagos in the late '80s while he was ministering; a man considered to be a dwarf was in the congregation. The man of God asked the people of God to see what they wanted, the dwarf said he wanted to be tall because the reproach was too much. This was revealed to him, so he ordered the man to be tall, and he started to grow tall immediately before the man of God stopped the process. In another case, he asks the crowd to recite the Lord's Prayer as he scales out the pulpit, and the goiter has been removed from the neck of a woman, and great healing and deliverance have taken place. He was also reputed to have farms in Osogbo where crops mature unusually long before their normal established developmental cycle and farmers often thronged his farm to investigate the odd phenomenon.

One of God's most amazing miracles was in the 1980s when the boy Lukman was brought to him without an opening of his mouth. His mouth had previously been operated on once to create an opening but each time it was done it sealed up again. The prophet Babalola prayed with oil and anointed the mouth, and opened the mouth permanently. That has defied scientific or biological understanding. Translocation is yet another of God's great wonders of creation. His car overturned one day, and he told the driver to work on it and meet him at the door. When he saw the prophet trekking to the program site, he repaired the vehicle less than 10 minutes to his surprise, the greater the speed he saw Babalola trekking before him. Finally, the driver gave up so that the car didn't crash

On 27 October 2003, the Evangelist Babalola died at the age of 79.

2&3 Apostle Ayo Babalola and Apostle Emmanuel Omotunde

Apostle Ayo Babalola is among the most unholy vessels ever made by God. Many believe that the divine influence of Babalola put him on an equal footing with Biblical apostles such as Peter, Paul, and others sent out with authority and in the name of Jesus. While Apostle Emmanuel Omotunde, popularly referred to as the prophet of Ajaye, is a carrier of unusual power who later left CAC to found the African Apostolic Church in 1939. He was so anointed that Apostle Babalola had a more special anointing attested to him.

Apostle Emmanuel Omotunde

These men's exploits are in many literature and journals, but I will focus on an incident that occurred in Ajaye in 1952, very close to Aramako Ekiti today in Ekiti State for this article. On that faithful day, God's Spirit mightily fell upon a prophet also known as Atayero, called Obisesan. He began to prophesy and do crazy things, and ordered Babalola and Omotunde to be brought together under the force of divine unction before him. Upon their arrival Obisesan dropped under a higher wave of divine power and began to levitate, his feet leaving the earth completely. He instructed the two great men of God to step into a certain rock at Ajaye and the two continued immediately to the top. To everyone's surprise, including Babalola and Omotunde, when they got to the rock, they found that Obisesan had arrived ahead of them.

Something awful happened immediately; the sky dropped too close to Ajaye, suddenly, as if it would crash. Under the prophetic unction, Obisesan ordered the sun to withdraw from Ajaye and, in the broad daylight, the clouds became very heavy as if there were about to be rainfall thus creating the picture of darkness. All of these were to show the two great preachers, Babalola and Omotunde, that Obisesan was not on his own but commissioned to send them a message while he was junior to them.

Then Obisesan opened his mouth and began to preach the counsel of God. Both were informed by the Lord that their ministry should be joint. Then the Lord ordered them to work together as He had commanded, for neither of them could be done without the other so that each would get a good reward for their labor. As these words came under divine anointing from the lips of Obisesan, Babalola and Omotunde began to levitate, and their feet floated in the air. People present had to cling to them to prevent them from rising, and great fear fell upon all.

It was The Lord's word. Not so He could bring them down. However, through Obisesan the Lord made it clear to God's two great men that if they fail to heed the word, then he would take them away from the earth in seven years. Given this extraordinary event, it was tragic that Babalola and Omotunde could not have come together or worked together while they made up and reconciled each other. In July 1959, only seven years after the letter, Babalola was indeed called home; just as the letter had said it would be. Seven months later in February 1960, Omotunde had to leave, too. It was announced at the time omotunde was about to leave earth. He came from a trip with his men and suddenly stopped and said, "I hear Babalola accuse me of something that I haven't done right now in heaven," he said, "wait! I'm just coming over here. He left their midst; he lay peacefully on the earth and died.

4.Rev. Samuel Akinbode Sadela

The Rev. Samuel Akinbode Sadela was born in 1900. The angels of Heaven, who also gave him a fruit from the tree of life to chew, are said to have taught Akinbode, a toddler, how to read the Holy Bible in 1902, which he did. He could not read any book other than the Bible, either. He married his first wife, when he was 34 years old. The marriage lasted twenty-one years as in infancy all seven children from that union died. When the seventh child was sick, he met with his counselor, Apostle Ayo Babalola, and it was discovered through prayers that his wife was using witchcraft to destroy her son. She later fled and admitted to killing her son through witchcraft, she died after confession

Samuel Sadela studied law by correspondence with University College London and was expected to be called to the bar in London for a nine-month law training course. However, Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola urged him not to go to London, as he was to become a gospel preacher. Sadela had previously met Moses Orimolade Tunolase, the founder of the Cherubim and Seraphim Community, who said the same thing to him

He started his career with The Apostolic Church (TAC) but later pitched his tent with the Christ's Apostolic Church (CAC). He'd met Babalola in 1931 in Oke-Oye, Ilesa. Babalola was later to become its leader and mentor. From 1932 until 1937 he served diligently as a part-time priest with the Christ Apostolic Church, helping to plant several branches of the church. Sadela was passionate about ministry and it has been reported that he was on a missionary journey, trekking 180 km (112 miles) north. He was also reputed to have traveled the length and breadth of south-west Nigeria by bicycle for missionary journeys. Rev. Harold Curtis of the Foursquare Gospel Movement, in the United States of America, welcomed him to Nigeria in December 1954. For this singular act the establishment of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria was largely responsible.

However, in 1959, just two weeks before Apostle Babalola 's death, he told Sadela that his mission was not in CAC, and instructed him to establish a church with the word Apostolic in the midst of his name. Babalola then raised his right leg and ordered papa Sadela to pass for impartation under her. As he moved between his legs, he saw the opening of heaven, and a dove falling upon him. He was forcefully baptized, and never had the same life. After this order, Sadela finally formed his own organisation, the Gospel Apostolic Church (GAC), which he spent pasturing for decades.

Pa Sadela 's ministry had come with signs and wonders. He was said to have healed many people from all sorts of diseases, raised the dead, and healed those who were stupid, poor, blind, and sick

It was also said that on their way to a revival in Ondo State his revival crew once had a horrible crash, and the occupants of the vehicle died as a result of the fact that the witches and wizards did not want them to come to the revival stage. When the crash came to light, it was reported that he was just beginning to praise and worship God, and he started to touch them, calling them by their names, until they all came back to life. The said revival began from that spot and the Lord delivers multiple witches and wizards.

On 24 August 2014 at 4:30 am, Papa Sadela took his bath and got dressed. Then he said he needed to unwind. He laid his head on and passed on to one of the leaders of the church. When he died on that faithful day he was the oldest evangelizing preachers in the world.For 114years, Papa Sadela lived with the strength of a young man, his sight was intact and he could still read like a young man. He was always able to preach at this old age, staying for more than 1 hour.

5.Apostle Samuel Aigbe Omojuwa

Apostle Samuel Aigbe Omojuwa, ORE JESU, was born in 1907 in the ondo province of Akure, Nigeria. Papa Omojuwa became a member of the Christ Apostolic Church (C.A.C) in 1937 and was ordained a catechist in 1940. Prophet Omojuwa was an embodiment of faith who presided over C A C Oke Alaafia, Oke Aro Akure, and it was believed who half the water bottle drank by Apostle Ayo Babalola was given by an angel to him. The man affectionately called the friend of Jesus had an excellent ministry and his relationship with Jesus was so deep that he would not utter a thing without instruction from above. Omojuwa will call Jesus to speak, and it has been verified that immediate replies are received from those around him who prays.

His first miracle of God's intervention in 1940 ministry was the recuperation of a man who had been unable to defecate for seven days. He was healed and defecated as expected, as his father was praying for him. This God's Great Man did several other miracles. One of them was an incident when he put a pillar in a church during a revival and there was a noticeable sight of electrical current flickering on concrete poles.

Prophet Omojuwa was so anointed that no woman would ever come to him except for them on schedule at the time; any woman under menopause who approached him would cease to be a woman. A woman in his therapy room visited him, and she glared at the guy of the stomach of God. At one point the woman said, "Baba, how do you incubate your whole organ with fire, you can't even eat any of it. God's man remained silent, the woman began to confess she was sent to eat his organs as she pretended to come for counsel.

Omojuwa passed on to Glory at the age of 99 on 10 August 1999.

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