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Check Out Some Conicidence And Miracles Of The Qur'an

The Qur'an is a very miraculous and wonderful holy book, and you might have not noticed of of this conicidence which I will be showing you in this article. Let's check them out;

Suratul Kausar is the shortest sura in the Quran, with a total word count of ten.

• Suratul Kausar's first Ayah contains ten letters.

• The second Ayah contains ten letters.

• The third Ayah contains ten letters as well.

• The letter "Alif," which appears 10 times in this Surah, is the most often used letter.

• There are ten letters in this Surah that have only been used once.

• This Surah's Ayahs all conclude with the letter "RAA," which is the tenth letter in the Arabic alphabet.

• There are ten Surahs in the Holy Quran that conclude with the letter "Raa," and Suratul Kausar is the last of them.

• The 10th day of the month Zulhijjah, regarding which Allah subhana wa ta'ala says "," is the reason for the number "10" in this Surah. Pray to your Lord alone and offer sacrifices to him. This is the day of sacrifice, after all.

• SUBHANALLAH, this miracle is recorded in the Holy Quran's shortest Surah, which is only one line long. What are your thoughts on the large Surahs???

Thanks for reading, hope you learnt something today

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