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Take a look at What Pastor Abel Damina accused his fellow pastors of doing- (Video)

Thrown into pressure to achieve success in their ministries, some young pastors have been going to native doctors to collect charms used in drawing members to their Churches, Pastor Abel Damina has said.

According to the founder of Abel Damina Ministries and Power City International, in a sermon, “a successful minister is a labourer in word and in doctrine”.

“Once you teach the Word and you are sound in your teaching, you are a successful minister, he said.

Dr Damina said that success in the ministry is not measured by the crowd, not by the number of cars, “we are not businessmen and we are not politicians”.

“Ministerial success is measured by soundness in doctrine, and when you start teaching people sound doctrine – even if they are four – and they grow in the knowledge of Christ, you are successful,” the pastor said, adding that that is why Jesus said where two or three gather in my name, I am there.

Dr Abel Damina

According to his sermon shared on his Instagram page on March 26, “we have brought worldliness into the church, that is why people use the yardstick of unbelievers to measure success in the church”.

“That is why some young pastors are under pressure and some of them go to native doctors to collect things and use it to be pulling crowds.

“You don’t respect a man of God because of his cars, you respect him because of what is coming out of his mouth. You check his doctrinal weight, that’s what determines respect,” he said.

While saying that he “came into ministry with a raw passion to teach people the word of God”, Pastor Damina added that “you are as carnal as carnality can be if you respect a man of God because of the material things he possesses”.

Listen to him below.

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