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Meet Pastor Shade Olukoya, the woman who strongly uphold her husband without looking back.

Meet Pastor Shade Olukoya, the woman who strongly uphold her husband without looking back.

One of the best prayers in the world is “God give me a good woman who will catalyse my success”. I know so many people that are suffering because of their wives and I know so many people like Dr. Daniel Olukoya who are enjoying their marriage, all because of their wives. If you want to be successful, my brother you need a good woman and you are not complete without her but if you want to be a failure in life, you need a bad woman who will worsen your present situation. So, leaders that advise us to pray well before marriage, even fast are not wrong oh because some women are chameleon, they change with situation. DR Olukoya came from a poor family, yet Mrs. Shade Olukoya did not care instead she struggle with him, knowing that one day things will be better. How many women out there can wait for a bright future, most of them want already made. What a world?

Are you ready?

Pastor Shade Olukoya

Pastor Shade Olukoya is the wife of Dr. Daniel Olukoya, the general overseer of MFM. With her beloved demeanour, she provides solid leadership alongside her husband at the MFM Church. Pastor Shade Olukoya was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. George Adesanya as the fifth of seven children. All members of the family were brought up as God-fearing Christians and attended the Christ Apostolic Church. Her Dad, George, who was a Marine Engineer with the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) for many years, ensured that all his children got good education. That means she came from a rich family unlike her husband. She is a talented artist. She is the artistic illustrator of almost all 250 books (as at July 2015) authored by her husband.

Mrs, Olukoya is the international coordinator, MFM Women’s Foundation. The foundation has been established to empower women in the church through adult literacy education and skill acquisition training programmes.

Mummy G.O. is also a specialist musical performer. She is a great soloist who performs hymns and genres of Christian music as the spirit leads. This is the part I love the most, her voice just have a way to connect me and the entire congregation to God. On special occasions and to the admiration of the congregation, she and her husband give duo musical performances.

Mummy G.O. messages and ministrations in church services and special programmes are wonderful. To God be the glory her hard work and unconditional love for her husband has brought the church to its present state

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DR Olukoya Shade Olukoya


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