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Fireful Weekly Declarations From Oyedepo To Winners.

Fireful Weekly Declarations From Oyedepo To Winners. 

19th July, 2020. 

Bishop David Oyedepo:

Watch, everybody that gets the agreement of life span as directed in sacred texts, as appointed of God, for the sake of the Lord Jesus, nobody vanishes under a hundred. 

By this blessing today, God's assertion is affirmed into declarations throughout your life. 

Each fatal infection is today announced ended. 

Everybody selected to death is freed today. 

Everybody selected to death under the sound of my voice, you are announced loosed (Psalm 102:20). 

Everybody despite everything breathing currently, remains alive. 

By this blessing, everybody designated to death is discharged!!! 

Whatever my God has not planted that is developing inside anybody under the sound of my voice, as you participate in this hot of this oil, they are ignited with insatiable fire for the sake of Jesus. 

Liberated from the danger of less than ideal demise! 

Liberated from an existence of monetary battles! 

Free finally and free until the end of time! 

Lift up your two hands and express gratitude toward God for the 'unlockable' God that we serve. 

May the oil on your temple today stay a seal of flourishing and life span on your life.

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David Oyedepo Jesus. Oyedepo


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