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Meet Abdul Azziz, The Oldest Man Ever Recorded In The Holy Qur'an

Most people know the oldest man in the Bible, but do we know the oldest man recorded in the Holy Qur'an.

Let's get started, hit the follow button to stay updated for more interesting articles. The oldest man in the Holy Qur'an is Abdul Azziz .

According to 19th-century scholars, Abdul Azziz al-Hafeed al-Habashi lqived for 674 years which is approximately 695 years in Islamic years from 581–1276 of the "Hijra."

He is also considered to be the oldest man ever recorded in the Islamic religious book, the Holy Qur'an.

Most religious texts do not have exact ages written down. Instead, their ages were spoken through word-of-mouth when historians would recite their religion’s oral history. But whether spoken or written, the math doesn’t lie. These man was all really old!

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