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Don't Pursue Public Image At The Expense Of Personal Damage - Bishop Oyedepo Warns

A man who don't know proper financial accounting of his business, how much can God trust him. It's part of discipline. You need to have your pay structure, not everything you earned is spendable, it's all matter of discipline. One time our office made some excessive telephone calls during the 19's days. When I saw the bill I said, you have already phoned for next month. So, we cut the phones of the office. We are not here to telephone, we are here to minister to people. I have never rented a house in my life that needed prayer to pay. Rent your size, you will soon own an estate. It's all part of discipline. Our children have never gone to any school that needed prayer to pray, except the school they go needed prayer. I need my prayer for more important things, I don't pray for school fees. People borrow for all kind of nonsense, that's lack of discipline. Our tastes need to be disciplined for our future not to be trapped. I've never borrowed money to buy car in my life, my legs are very strong. 

Now, we've been flying too for 21years, it doesn't take time it takes truth. Anytime you are living above your size, you're saying that God is too slow. I once lived in a place where 22 people were using the toilet. If you must bath on time you might have to wake up 5a.m, but that's not where we are again today. We once lived in the Church office, my entire family. We lived in the Church office with one toilet. Our sitting room was the passage, which was the only way to the toilet and the whole church was using that and I was enjoying and serving God. Look, don't eat up your tomorrow, it's part of your discipline. God has a future for you, start from where you are. Some young people never get started, no they want to start from the top of the tree. They don't start climbing a tree from the top, they start from the root. All these tips are needed to secure your future. Please live at your level, don't pursue public image at the cost of personal damage. Don't pursue public image at the expense of personal damage. 

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