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Begin The Month Of May With These 7 Prayer points

Firstly repeat after me as we pray few prayers of thanksgiving and cleansing.

Our father who hath in heaven hallow be thy name for counting me Worthy to see this day, first day in the month of May. Hallow be thy holy name for the plans you have for me and my family this month_ Amen.

Father I confess my sins to you this morning and plead that you wash me clean with your precious blood_ Amen.

Before we begin, remember that on the fifth day the Bible records it that God created creatures that lives and the water and those that flies on the air. However after creating these creatures he blessed them, proclaimed that they were all good and commanded all the creatures to dominate the land and multiply. Now repeat this prayers after me.

1) Father just as you blessed the creatures on the fifth day and commanded them to multiply. On this fifth month of the year 2021, I claim your blessings upon my life in the name of Jesus Christ_ Amen.

2) I begin to prophecy increase and multiplication in every ramification of my life this month. Increase and multiplication must hunt after my business this month in the name of Jesus Christ_ Amen.

3) I come against premature death and accident this month of May. I soak myself and every member of my family with the blood of Jesus Christ. Casualties that will lead to death will never locate me this month in the name of Jesus Christ_ Amen.

4) Every unfriendly friends this month shall be exposed by the power of Jesus Christ. I shall not fall a victim into the hands of my enemies who come to me pretending to be my friends in the name of Jesus Christ_ Amen.

5) I shall accomplish what I wasn't able to complete last month in the name of Jesus_Amen.

6) I prophecy divine connection, favour, fruitfulness, growth upon my life this month in the name of Jesus Christ_ Amen.

7) Father every step and decision I make this month shall be directed by you alone. I come against every wrong decision and steps that will lead me to problems in the name of Jesus Christ_ Amen.

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