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Divine Instruction And Leading, The Two Most Important Aspect Of God That You Must Not Joke With.

The Bible says in Isaiah 42:16, of the Lord's promise to lead the believers in all their ways forever, let us take a look at the words;

Isaiah 42:16


"And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them".

Either human beings like it or not, we are blind. Blind in the sense that, before we became regenerated, we were filthy, sinful and do not know exactly the plans of God for us, neither were we aware of the evil plans of the enemy, contrary to our goodness and wellbeing in life. It is through the saving grace of God that we were liberated and delivered from the power of satanic blindness. Now in the book of Isaiah we just read, there it could be confirmed of the plans of God for His people in the areas of spiritual leading and direction.

The instruction of the Lord and the divine leading that He offers through the instructions go a long way to lead anyone, most especially the believers to a favoured destined end. God has several ways in which He leads His people. He knows the problem we are to face in the world, thus He promised us the gift of the Holy Spirit in Acts 1:8, and fulfils the promise in Acts 2:2-15. Now through the Holy Spirit, every believer is led and duly directed in the instruction of God.

No way anyone could make headway in life without the leading of the holy spirit. You might be achieving some things in life, but, if they are outside God, they are purposely that you might lose them again. God is it that gives a gift with a divine guarantee of a long-lasting lifespan. Every area you are to be, and every endeavour you are to venture into in life are well spread before the Lord, so also before Satan. That is why God has through the Holyspirit offered the power of divine instruction and leading for every believer in His household.

God created all human beings with specific goals to achieve for Him on earth. There is nothing like self-will(every self will lead to disappointment and unfulfilled goals). You were not created to do as you like or decide for yourself on personal matters. God has a purpose for every life. There are plans for your life endeavours, which are strictly for your betterment and good life, also, there are some endeavours, set purposely for you, in which you would have to fulfil for God.

That is why the issue of Divine Instruction and Leading comes to question. Divine instruction and leading are two very important aspects of God for a man that guarantees a fulfilled life in a man. God has made man to fulfil some purposes in life. Both his career and family life are set primarily to conform with the divine purposes set for the plans of God.

When a man is baptised with the holy ghost, he is set amid the directions and leading of the Lord. The Lord would daily instruct and lead him in all the ways he should go, and the decision he is to keep making in life, until death. The purpose of the Holy Spirit is to lead man forever.

There are several days in which the Lord does lead a believer in the right ways and decisions to make. The most significant for our review today is in the areas of man's endeavours. Not everything is right before the Lord. There are things done by man and decisions undertaken that would lead to regret and frustration in the later time. The world is a complex place, hence, the Lord has fulfilled the promise of not leaving His people in confusion by releasing the Holy Spirit who has been leading believers right since the glorious day of Pentecost.

The Right Partner:

Of all things that God is being careful about in the life of man is in the area of his life partner. What He experienced with Adam, He has always avoided the repeat of it. He by Himself brought Eve to Adam and was later blamed as a result of the favour.

Genesis 3:12

NLT: "Yes," Adam admitted, "but it was the woman you gave me who brought me the fruit, and I ate it."

KJV: And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.

In the above passage from Genesis, God asked Adam a simple question, has he eaten the fruit He commanded him not to eat, that was the reply of Adam, and obviously, it casts serious blame on God for giving him, Eve. Hence, the Lord would lead you right by yourself to whoever you have chosen, He would also lead and instruct you if the person is right for you or not.


Surely, we are masterpieces with inbuilt wonders. God has preset in us several areas of expertise in which we are to develop for our good, to His glory. This could come in the areas of careers and professions. God, through the Holy Spirit, does lead and instruct in the right career to choose, so that you won't venture into something you're not built for, divinely. Several orioles gave chosen the wrong career and profession where they least have experience, nor interest.

There are just there for one reason or the other, most especially if it's a money-making venture. That a career is a hotcake in the labour market doesn't make it your supported chosen field. It is the Lord, through the Holy Spirit that leads you to rhr right career to choose based on your in-depth interest, don't joke with the leading of the Lord.


Everyman is built by God to fulfil a particular divine ministerial calling for Him. That ministry the Lord is very particular about. Everything you have to achieve in life is made perfectly to fit into the requirements of the ministry. One way or the other, your career, profession, education, and marital life would conform with your divine ministerial calling. The Lord would carefully lead His elects into the fulfilment of their ministerial callings. You must not joke with the leading of the Lord in the area of your ministry. If you have not discovered the exact ministry that the Lord has called you to fulfil for Him. It is time you start to pray fervently for the Holy Spirit to reveal them to you.


There have been a lot of people with stories of how they ventured into businesses with millions of Naira, only to lose all or be swindled. The Lord would not allow His people to lose their hard-earned money. He would always lead and instruct them on what business to do, what time to venture into it, and with who, and who to deal with.

Several people, even, elects also, have been duoed because, they have not listened to the leading of rhr Holy Spirit. Sometimes also, people are not always patient enough to hear the Lord's take, on any business they intends to venture into. A lot of patience and tarrying in the presence of the Lord in prayer is needed to hear God clearly on the best decision to make in life.

Words to speak:

The current situation the whole world is in, presently was as a result of some decisions made through the words of mouth. Virtually everything we do in life are effected through the word we speak. The establishment of a business, the establishment of a country, the giving in marriage, the deal in establishing a business outfit, signing of memorandum of agreement in a joint partnership and even, to causing of chaos and serious confusions are all carried out through the words of the mouth.

The Lord does lead His people right through the Holy Spirit in the kind of word they would speak, in the kind of places they are to talk or not. The Holy Spirit does lead people in particular words to speak at some particular events and situations. Words could do havoc and at the same time solve problem.

These are few of the areas where believers must not joke with in the leading and instructions of the Lord through the Holy Spirit.

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